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Monday, 28 May 2018

Update *{ OnePlus 5 }* Oxygen OS 5.1.2 Download Everything You Need To Know

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There is new Update for all OnePlus 5 & users,which based on Oxygen operating system 5.1.2 Here, we are mentioning core information related to this update like bug fixes, improved OS, System security patch up, Gallery update and other fixes. OnePlus has announced this update on its Forum, which possibly notify by users in coming days. The update will be rolled out soon and it is also advised that users should use Wi-Fi while download this update as it is full ROM update with the size of 1.61GB.
OnePlus 5T main

Know more OnePlus 5 Oxygen OS 5.1.2 Update

Company listed notification on its forum about this update and announced the date when will users be notified. According to its forum, the mega update has been made is System update because in previous version of OnePlus, most of users facing auto rotation apps problems after switching off auto-rotation features. In this latest update OnePlus has fixed this issue in this update. Below we are mentioning all the details regarding to this, mentioned on OnePlus's official forum.
OnePlus 5 Update Details
Device➨OnePlus 5
Version➨Open Beta 10
File size➨1.61 GB
MD5 hash 7c9e929b96d24d4f56f5c0e139294a8b
What's new:
⠂Updated Android security patch to May
⇨Added Toolbox Card in shelf
⇨Added Hidded Space in app drawer
⇨Added support for editing dynamic icons(weather,clock and calendar)
OnePlus Switch
⇨Optimized user interface for backup & restore
⇨Optimized logic for time remaining
⇨General bug fixes and stability improvements

Experience New Gallery

The latest Update brings a couple of new features in OnePlus 5 and added several functions like, now users can see recently deleted media files along with an additional launcher feature where users can double-tap and lock the screen, also added hidded space in app drawer along with dynamic icons.

OnePlus Switch

In OnePlus 5 rolled out update comes with optimized user interface for backup & restore along with opyimized logic for time remaining. The latest update fix Wi-Fi issues and other connectivity functions and make stability of the device.

How to Download OnePlus 5 Latest Update

It is quite easy & simple to update your OnePlus device with the latest Oxygen OS 5.1.2. Follow below steps to do it instantly.
  1. Unlock Your Device and Go to Settings.
  2. Click on About Phone.
  3. Tap on System Update.
  4. Scroll Down and click on Download Update.
Note: We are advising to all users that must use Wi-fi while downloading the update and fully charged your device. 
To enjoy latest update, Reboot your device 2 Times.

If you updated your OnePlus 5 smartphone with latest update, how do you experiences now ? Comment below and let me know about it. Share this with your friends to notify them about this update.
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