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Friday, 9 November 2018

WhatsApp Introduced 'Swipe to Reply ' Feature - Full Details

Facebook owned company, WhatsApp brings different types of new features to enhance its user experience. Right now, if sources are to believed, WhatsApp is going to bring a new feature to make Chat feature more simpler. This Feature is named as Swipe to Reply. This feature is already available for the iOS device and soon will be available for Android Devices. The company has given this information on its official blog post. Users can reply quickly by swiping through the speaker.

Due to development reasons, this feature is not available for Android Users, the company has mentioned that WhatsApp has working in order to add this feature and new improvements in the next update. Reports states that this feature will soon be available for Android users. By using Swipe Reply feature, WhatsApp Users will be able to answer of any messages just swiping it. This feature enable users to answer instantly to a particular message.
WhatsApp Swipe to Answer
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WhatsApp Swipe to Reply

Recently, WhatsApp added a new feature for group chatting. This feature maintains the distance between Group Admin and Members, through this feature, the Group Admin can decide which member can be posted to the group or not. Through this feature, Group Admin Group can easily manage. Using this feature, Admin can monitor the posts made by members in the group and take full control of the group in their hands.

WhatsApp Swipe Reply
In the beginning of this year, WhatsApp has added several new features like Mark as Unread, Delete Send message from the receiver side and WhatsApp payment. Well, until now Swipe to Reply feature isn't available for Android users.

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