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Monday, 21 January 2019

What is the Story of Indian Republic Day- All you Need to Know

India is the largest democratic country in the world, and we have inherited this from Britain. For almost 200 years, we got independence after the rule and only after that democracy was established in India. Prior to the British rule, there was monarchy in India and it was divided into several smaller states. The story of Indian Republic Day is much Interesting and every Indian should know about it that how did we got freedom from Britishers & how did we adopt the current ruling system that actually called democracy. We know that India is world's largest democratic country.
Indian national flag

After independence from Britain, the biggest problem in front of Indians was that we should adopt a system of governance, so that India can not become a slave again and people here can live independently. To maintain the independence of Indians, the biggest problem after independence was that the main leaders formed a committee to adopt the governance system here and it was ensured in which governance system adopted in India. So that all the Indians residing here can live a common life and they have the fundamental right to their life, keeping this in mind, The committee was created by the President of the Committee, Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar.

Story of Indian Republic Day

Dr. Bhimrao Ambedkar is a major contributor to Indian constitution building and for this he is also remembered every year. It took about two years 11 months and 18 days to build the Constitution of India, after which the constitution was fully formed and it was presented to the committee which passed it with the consent of all the members.

The biggest challenge after this was how the constitution should be implemented and it should be made a historic day for which a committee meeting was held and it was decided that this constitution will be implemented on January 26.

India was liberated on August 15, 1947, and after that its constitution was enacted on January 26, 1950, according to this Constitution, India has been declared a democratic sovereignty Republic country and the people of India are implementing this Constitution on their own.

After the constitution was enacted, India's first President hoisted the historic flag on Red Fort. On January 26, 1950, the country's first president, Dr. Rajendra Prasad, flagged India with a total of 21 gun salute and declared India as a complete republic country. With this, the day of 26 January has always been the historic day forever and since then every year this day is celebrated as the Republic Day and on this day there is a national holiday throughout the country and on this day, Is celebrated with pomp.

Indian Constitution gives the nation's citizens the power to listen to their government with a democratic system. After the constitution was enacted, Dr. Rajendra Prasad took oath of President in Parliament Hall of the present Parliament House and then hoisted the flag at the Irwin Stadium.

Indian Republic Day Celebration 

Every year on January 26, we celebrate this day. The main republic day celebration held in the capital of India on Rajpath by the Prime Minister of India. To make this day historic, one of the top leaders of the world is invited as a chief guest every year. After the flag hoisting, the army salutes the tricolor. After this, various cultural programs are organized in which people all over the country come and enjoy it.

India has become a sovereign, secular and democratic country after the long years of slavery of Britain.

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