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Tuesday, 22 January 2019

Which Republic Day We Are Celebrating This Yeay 2019- Chief Guest of Indian Repubic Day

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After getting the independence from Britishers, Constitution has been introduced than Republic Day has been celebrating and continuously.  The day is going to be honored for all Indians. The Constitution, which gave equal rights to all citizens living in India, was implemented today on 26th January 1950, after which India became a secular, democratic, republic country.
69th republic day of india

    69th Republic Day of India

    Today we are celebrating 69th Republic Day of India. On the occasion of Republic Day, many programs are organized across the country, guests from the world invited here to celebrate this beautiful day.

    Grand Tradition of the celebration

    The tradition of Celebrating Republic Day has been continuously going on since January 26, 1950. On this day the highest leader of the country participates in the Republic Day celebrations on the President's Principal and Army President, Delhi Rajpath, in which the guest is invited. Many cultural programs happens in this Celebration.

    Guests of Honor

    To celebrate Republic Day, a special leader from world is invited as a guest on the behalf of Indian Republic day celebration and this tradition continues from 26 January 1950 till now. On the occasion of the first Republic Day, Sukrano, the President of Indonesia, invited as a chief guest. Today, on the occasion of 69th Republic day, President of south Africa, Cyril Ramaphosa invited as Chief Guest.

    Republic Day Show

    On the occasion of Republic Day, a grand ceremony is organized on Delhi Rajpath, in which Political leaders from the country and abroad participate as guests, besides Rajpath, parade is organized by three Indian forces including BSF, CISF, ARMY, NAVY,  and various cultural programs Is organized.

    All Women BSF Contingent

    On the occasion of the Republic Day, women battalions are paraded on the Rajpath. Women, who did excellent work,  honored by the President.

    21-Gun Salute

    After the flag hoisting by the Indian Prime Minister on Republic Day, 21 gun salutes are given, after which the program is duly dated.

    This is the historical day for all Indians. 
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