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Thursday, 14 February 2019

*{ Presidents Day 2019 United States of America }* History you Should Know

In USA, Presidents Day 2019also called federal holiday which is celebrated in the memory of  George Washington's Birthday who was the 1st President of United States of America (1789-1797). This is a historic day which is celebrated as a holiday and since its beginning in 1788, this day is celebrated every year as Presidents Day. He was a Continental Army in the American Revolution & later on he became the 1st President of USA.

    George Washington (22nd February, 1732 - 14th December, 1799): At the birth of George Washington, America was not a free country and it was ruled under the Britain. George Washington was the American General who fought against the Britishers and liberated America.
    Since then, George Washington is remembered as the hero and today's day is celebrated with happiness and on this day there is also the National Holiday, which is also called the Federal Holiday.

    George Washington-Presidents USA

    There is very little information about George Washington, as it was when his grandfather John Washington lived in England, after which he was given some land by Henry VIII. George Washington's father was an ambitious man who built land and slaves. Mile has been established and produced and traded in tobacco. George Washington's father was a very wealthy man.

    Presidents Day 2019 federal holiday

    George Washington has made important contributions to the independence of America for which he is remembered. To remember him, set the 3rd Monday of February, which is celebrated as Presidency Day. Federal holiday was also decided on this day.

    According to WikiPedia
    In the United States, a federal holiday is an authorized holiday which has been recognized by the US government. Every year on a U.S. federal holiday, non-essential federal government offices are closed, and every federal employee is paid for the holiday. Private-sector employees required to work on a legal holiday may receive holiday pay in addition to their ordinary wages.

    Presidents Day History from 2011

    Below is the list of past years presidents days and date on which celebrated.

     Day  Date  Holiday Name
     Monday  Feb, 21 2011  Presidents'Day
     Monday  Feb, 20 2012  Presidents'Day
     Monday  Feb, 18 2013  Presidents'Day
     Monday  Feb, 17 2014  Presidents'Day
     Monday  Feb, 16 2015  Presidents'Day
     Monday  Feb, 15 2016  Presidents'Day
     Monday  Feb, 20 2017  Presidents'Day
     Monday  Feb, 18 2018  Presidents'Day
     Monday  Feb, 19 2019  Presidents'Day

    Presidents Day February 2019

    In 2019, On Feb 19, President's Day will be celebrated. This day is also celebrated to give the honor to the all Presidents of USA who served the nation, give their best to develop the country, and that is why this day also called federal holiday which was announced by the Government.

    Presidents of Republican Party- List

      Name of President   Republican Party ( Time Period )
      Abraham Lincoln   1861-1865
      Ulysses S. Grant   1869-1877
      Rutherford B. Hayes   1877-1881
      James A. Garfield   1881-1881
      Chester A. Arthur   1881-1885
      Grover Cleveland   1885-1889
      Benjamin Harrison   1889-1893
      William McKinley   1897-1901
      Theodore Roosevelt   1901-1909
      William Howard Taft   1909-1913
      Warren G. Harding   1921-1923
      Calvin Coolidge   1923-1929
      Herbert Hoover   1929-1933
      Dwight D. Eisenhower   1953-1961
      Richard Nixon   1969-1974
      Gerald Ford   1974-1977
      Ronald Reagan   1981-1989
      George H. W. Bush   1989-1993
      George W. Bush   2001-2009
      Donald Trump   January 20,2017

    Celebrate this Presidents' Day on Feb 19 and remember all the Presidents of USA Who served the nation.

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